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Electronic Bell Ringers


The JUBILATE electronic system gives way to a remarkably smooth operation, in which the bell effortlessly sways from left to right, back and forth, thereby preventing any undesired rebounds of the clapper while, at the same time, enhancing its tonal effect. In this way, both the bell structure and the belltower are protected against any sudden false vibrations or structural misdemeanors. This bell ringer has been constructed according to the most stringent European norms. Its standard version for the export market features a 230 volt 3 phase machine and a lower than usual revolutions per minute (rpm). The entire JUBILATE concept rests upon a carefully-developped electronic microprocessor which instructs and regulates each and every operational step of the ringing process. It has been smartly constructed and is firmly housed within a transparent and shatter-proof cabinet. Each and every bell has its own separate and identical unit.
The JUBILATE electronic regulator operates in the following manner: within a few fractions of a second, the different settings for the correct swinging pattern of the bell are made and immediately corrected by means of a special data lector. In relation to the size of the bell, the proper swinging angle and the subsequent number of clapper strikes per minute will have been precisely locked in. Accordingly, the bell will have reached its maximum tonal output. In short, precise and optimum peformance will have been attained. As well, the adjustment of the bell movement is possible even as the bell is in full swinging motion! The JUBILATE electronic system comes complete with a handsome cabinet in which one finds all the necessary components and wiring. The finished product respects all necessary European norms and standards.
Handsome plastic cabinet in which is securely housed the main voltage switch (Main Switch) for the entire bell ringing system.
The following gives one a complete summary of the JUBILATE electronic bellringing system: a complete scale of command values; step-by-step starting and swinging pattern; soft and smooth braking process; maximum swinging angle completely ensured; proper number of clapper strikes per minute; and, optimum tonal quality delivered by the bell.

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