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Clock Movement

Motorized Movement for a Wall Dial
Motor hand drives for diameters up to 4,00m, 2,5m and 1,3m

Tower Clock Movement

The motorized clock movement is located directly behind the mid-point of the dial. It responds to a minute impulse transmitted by the PERCONTA Master Clock. This sturdy and reliable waterproof belltower technology makes for a very high standard of performance whether it be in cold winter weather or in extreme summer heat. This mechanism is also resistant to all dust and grime.


Behold a clock movement for an imposing 12 meter diameter illuminated WALL DIAL destined for a Cathedral Tower in Sao Paolo (Brazil). The main shaft of the mechanism has a length of 120 cm. All together, this unit tips the scale at 180 kg. Not one, but four of these specially-built precision movements were constructed for this identical tower!

Illuminated Wall Clock

Handsome suspended and illuminated Clockwork. Both the hands and numerical figures are individually illuminated.

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