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Perrot Turmuhren

Dial at the old Town Hall of Leipzig
BERNHARD ZACHARIÄ GMBH has emerged as a world leader in the realm of tower clocks, electronic bell ringing machines, automated carillon mechanisms as well as all other related clock and clockwork technology. This proud family firm, first established in 1808. All of its finished products are the first-hand result of careful research, production, proper installation and top-flight maintenance. This rich tradition and experience has enabled ZACHARIÄ to invest its vast know-how in the development of new hi-tech products and services. ZACHARIÄ's unique MADE IN GERMANY or better MADE IN SACHSEN belltower technology can be found throughout all of Germany, most of Europe as well as across the five major continents. Its imposing worldwide network includes more than 40 qualified agencies. Quality products are synonymous with the ZACHARIÄ trademark. Excellent service meeting the needs of a demanding clientele adds up to a prompt response to various types of projects, thus resulting in sound business proposals, ontime delivery and flawless after-sales service.

Our Line of Products

  • PERCONTA electronic master clocks
  • Quartz-controlled and remote-controlled switch clocks
  • JUBILATE electronic bellringing machines
  • SONATE chimes and carillonworks for up to 96 Bells
  • Bronze bells and all related bell ringing equipment
  • Wall clocks for every type of building and tower
  • Wall clocks for private homes, hotels and restaurants, business headquarters, etc.
  • Spires and weather vanes for steeples
  • Gold leafing
  • Restoration of any antiquated towerclock movement
  • Clock installations for all open-air uses, arenas, stadiums and shopping malls
  • Publicity clocks
  • Various special exhibition clocks including flower dials
  • Any other custom clock design
  • The upgrading of existing tower clocks
  • Custom back-lighted tower clocks
Branch Office:
Westhauser Strasse 32
42857 Remscheid
Tel.: (0 21 91)7 55 75
Fax: (0 21 91)78 07 89
All products manufactured and delivered by PERROT are CE-certified.

Bernhard Zachariä GmbH - Heiterblickstraße 42 - 04347 Leipzig - Telefon: +49 (0) 341 - 24465-0 - Telefax: +49 (0) 341 - 24465-19 - eMail: