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Bell Tower Louvers

Langenalb (Germany)
In detail
All bell tower louvers delivered and installed by our specialists are done so in strict compliance with German church bell norms.

These norms dictate the very meaning of how louvers technology must be conceived and installed. Louvers will enhance the lovely sound of ringing bells within the confines of a superior acoustical environment.

This arrangement of wooden boards, set precisely at proper angles, is the most scientific way of improving the rich flow of bell music. However, louvers are also one means of protecting the bell chamber against weather factors

Various models of bell tower louvers are available. Several factors have to be considered when choosing the proper louvers. These include the type of belfry itself, its height as well as its surrounding environment.

The wood products used in the manufacture of bell tower louvers are expertly treated versus all kinds of pollution factors, whether they be man-made or of natural causes.

Bell tower louvers offer excellent protection against all well-known pests and rodents, including expanding and unwanted bird colonies.

Catholic Church in Forst/Baden

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