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Accessories for Swinging Bell Ringers

The LA-10 electronic data indicator, being an input device, enables our qualified personnel in determining the correct ringing angle of each and every bell with respect to their proper swinging process thereby ensuring the maximum richness of sound.
The bell switch control module is our smart-looking custom-built cabinet which instructs, by means of individual switches, each bell high up inside the bell chamber on what duties to perform.
In combination with the PERCONTA Master Clock, all scheduled bell ringing programmes shall be carried out. Switch for built-in on/off AUTOMATIC operation
Options: Incorporated into an integrated bell ringer/bell striker cabinet, Safeguard key system, Switches for all bell striking sequences
The multi-functional and hand-held radio remote control apparatus enables the user to freely command and operate the bells from a certain distance, that is, within a radius of 1-2 kilometers. Of course, a built-in safeguard system shields the unit against any and all distracting frequencies.
The JUBILATE electronic swinging bell system renders a smooth, rich and optimal tonal performance for any group of swinging bells (anywhere from 200 kg to 10'000 kg each). A case in point is the magical 11 higher-octave swinging bell symphony located in the mighty bell chamber of the Collegiate Church in Herrenberg (Germany).

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