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Our line of production

A glimpse into our electronics lab. It is here that our fine line of master clocks has been researched, developped, produced, tested and accordingly put into the market place.
The LR 10 electronic bellringing machine under lab scrutiny. All components of this model have been carefully mounted and tested in our lab prior to leaving for its final destination.
The computerized design of a new tower clock project.
Prior to their leaving our firm for the market place, all our master clocks come under strict observation during a weeklong period of testing procedures.
Production rendered possible by the use of modern machinery
The finishing touches being applied to all our fine church bell and belltower technology. All is born of rich tradition whilst, at the same time, looking on to the future. At PERROT's, quality and precision are trademarks that go hand in hand.
The production of various gear parts
Wall dials, clock hands, clappers and other bellringing hardware are expertly produced in our machine shop.
Wall dials, clock hands, numerals and tower ornementations are lovingly varnished and gold-leafed in our paint shop.

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