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Mystery Clock

When visitors and clients alike convene in the Atrium of the Pforzheim (Germany) Savings Bank, they cannot but behold a unique creation from the world of clock technology. This is the so-called MYSTERY CLOCK. This formidable clock, which has replaced another former clock marvel, operates within a so-called Mystery Mode.
Within the newly renovated Atrium of the Savings Bank, a new and original clock wonder had to be envisaged especially here in the Town of Pforzheim, reknowned far and wide for its traditional jewellery, watch and clock manufacturing sectors. The idea and inspiration for such a MYSTERY CLOCK came from a so-called 19th Century 'Pendule Mystérieuse' support clock which no one, except its builder, could guess what made the clock functional! Quite an extraordinary happening in those long-ago days!
However, to conceive a big clock with such similar attributes took some doing. In the long process, Herr Gerd Jassmann, distinguished designer technician, and Herr Fritz Hönig, able clockmaker, both members of the well-established Clockmakers Academy of Pforzheim, joined their efforts with those experts from the world-famous PERROT TURMUHREN KG of Calw in order to develop and produce this clock sensation. Months and months of long and tedious work were undertaken by the three partners and, in the end, the results were most successful.
Now a permanent fixture in the Atrium of the Pforzheim Savings Bank, the MYSTERY CLOCK is indeed a tribute to this region's well-deserved reputation as the hub of jewellery, watch and clock manufacturing for all of Germany. Experts and non-experts alike are fascinated by its workings which are indeed invisible. To no avail: this Clock runs in Mystery Mode! The President of the Savings Bank of Pforzheim, at the unveiling ceremonies of this MYSTERY CLOCK, was eloquent in his words of praise and gratitude towards those individuals who invested all their ideas, creativity and know-how into this singular achievement.

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