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LINEAR Bell Ringer

LINEAR Bell Ringer with bell at rest
LINEAR Bell Ringer with bell in motion


The LINEAR Bell Ringer from PERROT marks a recent breakthrough in modern bell ringing technology. It is the perfect alternative to the otherwise coventional ringing machine especially when some bell chambers are simply too restrained in size and/or with insufficient space for bell ringers, ringing wheels and chains.
The LINEAR JUBILATE system operates within a magnetic field principle that quietly brings the bell into full operational swing. A special metal plate is fixed upon the headstock of the bell. The operation is efficient and silent. It is therefore ideal for a bell chamber whose otherwise irritating chain-and-gear noise factor could offend the immediate surrounding environment.
Our excellent and proven LA-10 electronic data indicator will carefully and and finely adjust the procedure for the starting-up, the attaining of the proper swinging angle and the afterwards slowing-down process of each bell.
All necessary adjustments made to the LINEAR bellringing operation insure maximum tonal output. This system obviously offers minimum wear-and-tear because no chains nor gear systems are involved.

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