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Exhibition Clocks

Giant JUBILEE Clock
One of ZACHARIÄ's exclusive specialities lies within the production of exquisite and almost unique custom-made clocks whose inspiration has come from the world of artists, designers, architects and those people who dabble with their imagination.

So as to publicize Brazil's 500 years of existence, ZACHARIÄ delivered, for all major cities in that country, a formidable Countdown Exhibition Clock. Standing at 8 meters high and resting upon a 7 meter concrete base, the diameter of the colourful globe spans a full six meters. It indicates the number of days left leading up to the 500th year of the Discovery of the Nation of Brazil. The clock was designed by German-born Hans Donner, a well-known citizen of Brazil.

Universal Clock
This amazing custom-made UNIVERSAL CLOCK not only looks like one but can also be used a traditional watch or clock. Using the South Pole as its hub, the central disk rotates clockwise over a 24 time-zone span. All individual geographical areas are readily visible on the clock facade with each one indicating its respective local time. One will find 24 separate longitudes individually set apart at notches of 15 degrees and which are printed upon the disk map hence indicating all respective local hours. These serve as auxiliary hour hands and specify local time anywhere on the planet. The minute hand points up to a traditional dial with 60 minutes designated on the ring-shaped façade. Accordingly, all local times are accurate to the precise minute.
This Universal Clock or so-called PLANET ROTATION mechanism has been duly registered by its creator Robert Schweitzer in accordance with strict European patent laws. All other subsequent national patents have been accordingly guaranteed.
Ideal locations:

Airport Complexes, Airline Offices, Travel Agencies, Hotel and Bank Lobbies, Stock Exchange Atriums, Television Company Headquarters, Multinational Building Halls and the like.
Physical features: Diameter of 1200 mm and a thickness of 150 mm

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