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Multifarious Sign Boards

Versatile Sign Board with time, date and weather indicators. All models are individually designed.
General Weather Indicator
Various weather indicators are visually at hand, including temperature, wind factor and barometer readings as well as the Ozone and UV factors for that time of day.
Golf Club Scoreboard
With all the available up-to-the-minute scores and standings. Outlet for cell phones and regular phone service. The perfect timekeeper, in both analogue and digital versions!
Our models are equipped with hermetically sealed and waterproof windows. Proper ventilation and heating apparatus
All displayed information is controlled by means of electronic signalling
  • Various information options are also available.
  • Roll-out text mode
  • Various color schemes
  • Numerals in various sizes
  • Optimal readability whether in dim or sunny weather conditions
  • Proper angle of vision
  • Minimal energy requirement
  • No wear and tear
  • Unique electronic control device
  • Necessary backlighting glow;/dl>
  • Outdoor Countdown Clock custom designed and built for very special events. With the patron's logo.

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